what, exactly, 

to pack 

for the plane 



Photo from EpoqueEvolution.com


of fascinating woman you sit next to on a cross-country flight and end up chatting with for the whole six-plus hours. (true story: this is actually how époque évolution founder Nancy met Odine.) and, as head of a brand consulting agency and a family of four in NYC, Odine does her fair share of traveling, for work and for play. being fans of all things efficient and chic and travel, we quizzed Odine on her travel tips, packing hacks and best practices. after all, with summer Fridays in the city and cool breezes by the Atlantic and almost 24 hours of daylight in Stockholm, what better time to hit the road (or air)? 


window or aisle?

“aisle. unless it’s overnight — then window.”

on travel style:

“travel is a funny thing. i remember when i was a child my parents made me “dress up” to take a plane ride, as if we were going to see the queen. these days, as an avid (and adult!) traveler, i focus on two things: comfort and style. comfort because delays can make even the shortest trip very long; i layer a sweater over a cotton top and sports bra so I don’t get too hot or too cold, i avoid fabrics that wrinkle or don’t breathe, and i choose pieces with lots of pockets to hold my phone, earbuds and lip moisturizer. and style — a leather jacket, a huge scarf — because, hey, you never do know when the queen may actually show up.”


carry-on or check-in:

“carry on! i'd rather wear it on.”



“my iPad Pro (preloaded with books, mags and movies), ear buds, charging cables, knitting, water and a snack. a few beauty essentials: Sunforgettable SPF 50 Brush-On powder, Olio e Osso No. 3, mascara, roll-on perfume, a contact lens case with just enough eye cream and face cream for the trip and Oscillococconum!!!"


luggage of choice?


““Victorinox hardcase expandable. i borrow my sons’ new one… it has a cup holder!”

in-flight drink of choice:


“water, always. occasionally a coffee to keep in tune with the timing of where i’m heading.”

plans for the Fourth?


“bbqing and watching fireworks from my rooftop terrace with family and friends. anywhere that doesn’t require any travel — getting in and out of the city takes half the vacation!”

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