the jet set trouser does it all 


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stepping out of a cab and right into a meeting, straight from JFK? headed to the latest exhibit at LACMA and lunch after? biking down the block to meet your fellow boss babes for a birthday beverage? crashing on your couch after a crazy day of crushing it? alliteration aside (sorry! we are just excited!): have we got the pant for you! a pant we created after 1. figuring everyone needs a go-to black trouser and 2. deciding to design the best damn go-to black trouser out there.  


we started by sourcing a fabric that is sustainable (for the earth), insanely soft (for comfort), and wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable (for real life). we skipped any elastic in the front (for even MORE comfort), and we added phone-friendly pockets in the back (for convenience). we made the silhouette sleek and versatile (for endless style!), and the length adjustable (for you) (and your shoe choice). and voila! we resurfaced from our design hole with the jet set trouser, a wear-everywhere pant you can gloriously wear all. day. long. with nary a wrinkle in sight. without once feeling like you can’t wait to change into PJs, or that you are too dressed up to hop on that bike, or that you look anything less than slamming.