the holiday capsule

the holiday capsule

what we're weraring this holiday season 

and well into the new year.


one wardrobe for every holiday moment

for those mid-morning meetings, last-minute online gift shopping, late afternoon walks that turn into early dinner dates, naps on the couch, working to working out in the living room, trying every flavor of pie, and even Zoom gift exchanges.


THURSDAY, november 26

10:22 am

the kids are snuggled on the couch watching the Macy's day parade in their pjs and the smell of turkey and stuffing in the oven is starting to fill the entire house. you're wearing the jet set trousers because they are your go-to pair of pants when you are running around the house and doing all things Thanksgiving, like picking out the wine, setting up the table, preparing the perfect charcuterie board, playing with the kids, and relaxing on the couch. they are machine washable and wrinkle resistant (so go ahead and be a creative cook without worrying about getting messy), they're effortless, sharp, and super comfortable. 


7:33 PM

stories and memories have been shared, wine has been poured, seconds (and maybe even thirds) have been served, candles on the table have become shorter, and it is time for the finale. that's right: PIE!!! right before dinner, you changed into the white shirt, an oversized button-front style with dolman sleeves and high side slit roomy enough to keep you comfortable while looking chic all through dinner. good thing you kept your jet sets on because they are designed with a no-pinch waistband, which means they are the perfect stretchy pants for trying ALL the pies. 


WEDNESDAY, December 16

9:42 AM

you get up from the couch to grab another cup of coffee in preparation for another round of mid-morning meetings. on your way, you hear the productive sounds of the kids' Zoom class. you are wearing the hero trouser because it is one of those days when you felt like putting on sweats (again) but wanted to look and feel more put together. it's one of those cold December days so your Zoom top of choice is the essential cardigan. it's knit from our essential merino wool yarn in Portugal and is cozy, versatile, and beyond comfortable.


8:49 pM

work is done (for now), kids are bathed and in bed, and you're running fashionably late to a friend's outdoor holiday cocktail party. instead of a complete wardrobe change, you wrap the essential cardigan with the tie belt so it looks a little more like a blazer and finish dressing up the look by putting on some dual glassy hoops. on your way out the door, you grab a mask and a nice bottle of red. 


FRIDAY, December 25

11:34 AM

after a slow morning of unwrapping presents, seeing how many cookies Santa ate, and eating a cinnamon roll with your second cup of coffee, it's time to get outside. you throw on the one crop top under cable knit sweater tee and the orion II legging. before leaving the house you slip the matching collar and mask on over your sweater tee to protect yourself from the virus and the crisp December air. 


7:48 pM

the smell of pine and burning candles fill the living room, lit from the twinkling lights on the tree. the computer is set up on the coffee table so that relatives on the other side of the Zoom camera can take in the whole scene. you sit on the ground, still wearing orion II leggings from today’s hike because they are as polished (sleek fit, front ankle slits) as they are performance (quick to dry, sweat wicking), so no wardrobe change needed. the perfect scarf is wrapped around your shoulders as the perfect blanket. 

this holiday season is all about coming together so share your holiday moments with us at @epoqueevolution

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