Nancy Taylor

founder: époque évolution

San Anselmo, CA

she bikes a lot the northern Californian hills of her San Anselmo home. she whips up killer salads for those lucky enough to be visiting at lunch time. she is mom to two (teenage boys!), wife to one (for 25 years!), and best friend to a small, lucky tribe of bad ass women. and she designs a line of insanely chic clothes that you can wear everywhere and do everything, clothes that are made responsibly and are machine washable. (yep, you guessed it: époque évolution.)

meet Nancy Taylor.

6:23 am

"i've been meeting my friend Brooke at six am for a bike ride, run or yoga three or four times a week for over fifteen years. i always put my clothes and shoes out the night before, so i can just get up and go. it's early, sure, but you always feel better once you’ve worked out with a good sweat.

i am always so grateful to live in northern California. so much of life is lived outdoors here, and San Francisco and the ocean are close, too. it's the best of all worlds."


"M.H. Bread and Butter has the best bread and the most fantastic coffee. it is definitely a go-to place for locals to relax, catch up on emails, meet friends, and sip coffee. myself included."


"my passion for building époque évolution takes up every waking moment of thought. some days are filled with meetings, others with operations, designing. you need to be willing to do everything, to wear every hat."


"i'm known for my salads. every Sunday i stock up at the farmer's market: arugula, kale, pomelos, fresh walnuts, feta. i love eating seasonally, and i REALLY love purchasing my food from the people who grow it... connecting the dots, if you will.

we started époque évolution on this tradition of connecting the dots, not just with clothes, but also with the food we eat."


"i am inspired by women in business, and by those who work to make the world a better place. i try to choose the events i attend with that in mind — there's a fine line in building the company and raising a family." 


"there's nothing better than coming home and cooking dinner — preferably seafood!—with my family. i cherish those moments we’re all together in the kitchen. it is a chance to all come together and share our busy days."

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