Hannah franco

founder: époque évolution

Oakland, CA

Yoga teacher by day,


fashion designer and entrepreneur... also by day. she will tell you where to drink vino rosso in Milan (Ross & Bianch) and where to practice yoga in Porto (Lotus Studio). she can design websites (well, now she can  #startuplife) as well as clothes. and she is proof-positive that the more inspired you are, the more you'll get done and that if you do it all with a big freakin' smile on your face, it is all just infinitely better, people. 

meet Hannah Franco.


6:45 am


"SNOOZE. repeat. then hurl myself out of bed (i go from dead-asleep to the fire of a thousand suns in T-minus ten seconds), into the nearest yoga pants, and off to class. 

i teach yoga to remind myself how to prioritize again. and again. it's also my favorite travel hack: find the local yoga studio, make friends there and explore around it. i ALWAYS find my favorite places and people with this technique. and shavasana bliss = people who are more open to connecting."


10:12 am


"after pouring my sweaty self into work clothing (i mean, thats why we make our clothes quick-dry!) (shameless plug!), i'll check email over a cappuccino and croissant before heading into the office.

if i get stuck in traffic on my way in, i'll call my mother to chat. or i'll blast "EVERYBODY" by logic. i butcher it, and, let's be honest, i can only do the chorus, but i'm shameless in my attempts. it's that or édith piaf...

once i make it in, i get to the task of handling the comical range of responsibilities entrepreneurs have! i manage the visual expression of the brand, from graphic design to photoshoots to social media (yea, that's me you're talking to!). Nancy and i collaborate on the design process. we both really believe in perennial style. (perennial style = a state of mind, not style based on age, seasons or trends.)"




"owning a small business is more like a lifestyle than a job — you never stop thinking about it. some things are easy (i designed the logo in one evening!), others are crazy hard (the name!).

prioritizing is KEY. it's hard not to fall in the trap of tackling the small, easy things first, but learning to spend time efficiently is a skill you learn when there are only two of you.  

one priority right now is meeting our customers (WE ARE OBSESSED), so we put a lot of effort into our pop-up shops. we learn so much about what you want, what you need from your clothes. and are just so wildly imressed with the incredible, powerful women we meet."




"there's nothing better at the end of a long productive day than sitting at the old school desks at Ordinaire, sipping natty wine with my bad yogi squad. 

although, ok, my home spa nights are pretty epic, too. i'll douse myself in every type of oil and scrub i can get my hands on. (French Girl Organics and Herbivore Botanicals are my go-tos.) i like to treat myself like the goddamn queen i am, HA. my Italian and yogi friends are always confused about why Americans are so hesitant to take breaks or focus on self-care or spoil themselves. so i've made it a point to really up my game." 




"yogi bedtime." 


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