founder, Moxie Capital

Belvedere, CA 

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Wonder woman IRL

imagine what it takes to train for a triathlon? imagine what it takes to actually complete a triathlon? imagine what it takes to complete THIRTY-NINE triathlons??? meet Bo Arlander, folks. as a top-ten Ironman world champ in her class, founder of angel investment firm Moxie Capital and mother to ten-year-old Mirabel, this literal super woman does nothing by halves. and she looks damn good while she does it (all), too. see for yourself. 

5:03 am

“my workouts get me out of bed. i love getting them done early in the morning, even though i thoroughly dislike having to get up at 5am. but race season is coming up soon. it’s crunch time.  

for over twenty years, my passion has been training and racing for triathlons, especially long-distance ones. it takes a lot of work to make sure my body keeps up with me. maybe someday I will be able to just walk my dogs and enjoy the view instead of suffering like a dog, but not anytime soon: next up is a half Ironman in the country i emigrated from, Finland!” 


“noon usually finds me en route to a lunch meeting, usually wearing the nonstop tee dress. all those workouts have a benefit beside kicking ass at triathlons: I can wear a body-hugging dress and feel like a million dollars. 


i’m in the fortunate position of being able to use my experience in private equity to help entrepreneurs by giving strategic advice and angel investing in their businesses. i spend a lot of lunches trying to discern whether a company has a reason for being, and warrants a closer look.  

i also spend a lot of time after lunch cleaning out my inbox. it is a lifelong goal -- and i am not making any progress!”



“how did i go from someone who used the oven as additional storage space to cooking dinner with my daughter at home most nights? it’s evidence that miracles occur, and change can be good. now, for Christmas, i do an entire spread of all the traditional Finnish holiday delicacies, including a home-baked, slow-cooked crusted pork leg. 

if it’s a night off of mommy duty, i’m probably having dinner at La Ginestra’s bar, Farmshop, Sushi Ran or Mill Valley Beerworks. my girlfriends keep me honest and keep me laughing.” 


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