Alix Peabody

founder: Bev

Los Angeles, CA

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she likes rosé.


Alix Peabody may be the only boss lady you know who spent her entire life savings on wine, on actual purpose. true story. Alix cashed out her 401k last year, bought 300 gallons of California rosé, and, in May, launched Bev, a cheery, female-run line of canned vino. the mission behind Bev is just as amazing as the bubbly itself: to encourage women to develop a happy, healthy relationship with fun — and each other. we could not be more on board with this. here’s how she does it. 



"my alarm clock is a furry friend named Harold who sits on my head, but the thing that truly gets me out of bed is the idea of making a difference, inspiring other women, spreading kindness and, of course, having a whole lot of fun. 

i start the morning off by planning my day, reflecting and reading. then it's soul cycle, my go-to workout to get the heart pumping, or a run to the beach. we are headquartered in Venice so i’ll often Bird right over to Bev HQ after."


1:22 pm 

"i could not have imagined what Bev would grow to stand for: a beautiful, fresh, new type of feminism centered around joy and togetherness. and i’m inspired everyday, meeting with investors, mentors or other CEOs, and traveling to events.  


my go-to outfit is the sun up to sun down dress — it doesn’t wrinkle, so i can throw it in my bag or suitcase, slip it on at the airport, and boom: investor ready." 



"i try to take about thirty minutes a day to myself, to just stare at the wall, whatever. (sometimes there’s a can of rosé involved…) but i do love a good dinner out with my friends, followed by a stroll and some dancing — i make a killer party playlist. (let me know if you want one.) (and please invite me to your party if you do.) 


late night, i’ll review emails, and FaceTime my boyfriend, who always brings light into my day, especially on the rough ones. but, rough days or not, Bev is my passion. you couldn’t pay me to stop."


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