ellary eddy

writer and artist

los angeles

Photo from EpoqueEvolution.com

"I am a bit of a dervish, and am slowly beginning to accept that things will get done -- I just have to go with the whirl"

whether you go with the whirl, like Ellary Eddy, or go with the flow, you might relate to the practice of surrender. For the LA-based writer and artist, that's when the magic happens. Ellary's art, writing, environmentalism -- even her


what are you working on these days?

“currently it is the somewhat maddening enterprise of marketing my new book of essays, Her Argument: Epiphanies, Theories, Confessions. but before that, it was writing a stream of words on all sorts of topics: from art, identity and play to style, the single life and joy; from the English language, philosophy and my dog to aging like a motherf***er.”


so prolific! do you have a typical day?

“ah, there is no typical day and sometimes i wish there were. my impulses take me, some days, into the visual realm and sometimes into the land of words. this dichotomy has both inspired me and bedeviled me, as i’m not an easy one to categorize or sell.”


what keeps you going?

“my curiosity. i am led by the urge to explore the meaning of life, or rather the multiple meanings, through any creative media that can best convey my line of thinking. could be art; could be writing; could be film. 

 ...and the future of this planet. a lot of my work centers around raising consciousness about the environment. i started painting underwater polar bears in the early eighties to bring attention to the destruction of the Arctic and its consequences. i also wrote a screenplay called Lucy Does Weather, a rom-com about an unknown Olympian goddess who comes to Earth to knock some sense into the humans who were messing up her perfect climate.”


three favorite époque évolution pieces: go.

“the white shirt, sweater tee turtleneck, and the trail blazer.”



five things you’re grateful for: go.

“i’m grateful for my passionate and courageous daughter, for my loving and steadfast friends, for my abilities as an artist, and for the marvel of existence. i’m grateful, too, for all the chaos and the epiphanies i’ve experienced, which have led me to what the ancient Greeks call Eudaemonia –– which can be translated as happiness, flourishing, or blessedness.”