Rei-Ling Hudson

director of marketing, Fin 

San Francisco

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REi-ling hudson believes in 

the power of prioritization.


she walks to work each morning so she can mentally sort through her to-dos — professionally, personally and big picture, too. “i think it’s important to remember the relationships i cultivate and the things i do matter,” she says. “i have a mental idea of where i want to be in ten years, and i like knowing that every day is a small step to achieving that goal.” (….wow. totally how we spend our morning commute, too. we swear.)

makes sense that Rei heads up marketing at Fin, an on-demand personal assistant service that helps you, yes, prioritize, and organize, and the such. “i’m not just saying this because i work there, but i love using Fin to handle things like booking appointments, travel, etc. i really value my time and would rather not spend it doing things i don’t enjoy.” ok, fair. here’s what her day does look like.  



"if i happen to wake up at or before 6am, i’ll brew my husband and i coffee in our French press. (we just got back from our honeymoon in Greece and Croatia!) getting dressed often involves pulling the sun up to down dress or the straight-up skirt out of my closet — i love that they are classic, versatile, and easily outfitted."   



"Fin is still young, so i spend most of my day testing and iterating on growth strategies. when i first get into the office, i try to clear out my inbox and handle one-off tasks so i start working on whatever Fin project I’m focusing on at the moment. lunch is Mixt or Chipotle — i have my regular spots and orders on repeat. after work, i’ll grab a Lyft to either yoga or a cardio class. ever since i got my Apple watch, i’ve been focused on closing all three activity rings every day."



"sometimes my husband and i will grab dinner with friends at Nopa — the food and cocktails are great. but we usually eat back at our house and chat through our days. we both have busy schedules, so it’s nice having this time to catch up, share ideas, talk about the future, give each other input and advice. then we’ll watch Seinfeld on the couch — i’ve probably seen every episode ten-plus times and it never gets old. i’ll get in bed around 11pm and read before i actually am ready to sleep. i think i need that time to relax and unwind."


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