Katherine Shai

professional wrestler and mama 

Denver, CO

Photo from EpoqueEvolution.com

we’re designating 2020 the year we rethink what we know.

about being women. about our responsibility as members of society. about motherhood. about the way we treat and move our bodies. and there’s no better person to inspire than professional wrestler slash mama Katherine Shai. this badass just qualified for her fourth Olympic Trials.


you are a wrestler! training for the Olympics! how!?

my father was a wrestler, and went to the 1956 and 1960 Olympics. i like to say he was a feminist before it was cool to say so, because he started coaching women’s wrestling in the late 80s in the Bay Area, California. he saw a need and provided the opportunity. my sister and i started wrestling as little tykes, and both went on to live and train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.


you and your sister? wow.

i wouldn’t be where i am without the support of my entire family. my mother is an incredible advocate for supporting girls wrestling across the US. my husband is now in my corner at competition. it’s a family affair, but if you ask them, they’d tell you that i am a go-getter and i just continued to take opportunities to get me to the elite level of competition.


what is it about wrestling in particular that you love?

there is NO workout like wrestling! you have to use your strength, speed, flexibility, conditioning and your mind. it’s incredibly challenging!


are you training now?

i am always training! i have just qualified for my 4th Olympic Trials. In wrestling, only one representative can go per weight class.


you’re training for the Olympics AND raising a two-year-old with your husband. tips and tricks, please!

i think the secret is balancing your mindset. are you doing what you want to do? wouldn’t make any other choice for yourself because the work makes you happy? good, then your family will be happy too. 

also: shared calendars. shared calendars is a marriage saver.  


what about packing? you must travel a lot.

i do travel A LOT. a lot of our competition is in Europe, Russia and Asia. i also travel for training camps, and for clinics i put on for other aspiring wrestlers. so! my packing has to be simple. it is a no brainer to travel from country to country in the jet set trouser.


have a mantra?

believe in your ability to manifest what you want your world to look like, and then move in that direction. the universe is powerful and will bring you those good things. 


rethink what is possible, we like that.

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