Kindley Walsh Lawlor

president & CEO, Parks California

San Francisco

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some, like Kindley Walsh Lawlor, traipse through redwoods, along bluffs, and past elephant seals. such is the glorious 9 - 5 of the president and CEO of Parks California, a non-profit focused on the state’s parks. it’s Kindley’s dream job (and it’s kind of ours, too): “being outside helps bring health and happiness to us all.” here's how she does it all.


what gets you out of bed every day?

"my kids — literally!!! and gratefulness. feeling healthy and having a purpose means everything to me. for twenty-five years, I ran Gap Inc.’s sustainability efforts, but eventually felt like it was time for reinvention."


all-around life hack?

"two vastly different ones: plan your outfits every day. (époque’s no BS bomber jacket is an every day piece for me: i like to be cozy and i love to layer.) drink lots of water, all of the time. neither may seem like life changers, but believe me, they are!"


your day-to-day?

"one day i’ll be in the parks meeting rangers and visitors, another i’ll be Sacramento working with the California Department of Parks and Recreation, and another i’ll be catching up on emails at my office near Jackson Square in San Francisco. California has 280 state parks that range from mountain to desert to beach — does it get more amazing than that?! — and our mission is to expand park resources, attract and welcome new visitors and partner on key improvements."


daily ritual?

"at dinnertime, we always do one thing without fail: it’s called “favorite part of your day” and we go around the table. for my husband and I, it’s usually that very moment."



"be the change you wish to see in the world. (Gandhi.)"

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