Cindy O’Brien

founder and holistic aesthetician, LIV + GRACE SKINCARE

Napa, California 

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Cindy O’Brien is leaving perfection in the dust…

...with the exception of her holistic, non-toxic skincare line, of course. while her offering of clean beauty products is undeniably flawless, she herself has been practicing the art of self-love and acceptance –– a road we’re all on, yes?


tell us about LIV + GRACE SKINCARE.

“born from a labor of love in the Napa Valley, LIV + GRACE SKINCARE takes caring for your skin to the next level by delivering real results without sacrificing your health or our planet. my expertise as a premier holistic aesthetician and years of industry knowledge allows me to provide powerful, sustainably sourced products with the highest quality active ingredients at affordable luxury prices.”


where did the name come from?

“i was blessed with two amazing little souls –– olivia (liv) and grace –– that have taught me as much as i’ve taught them. they make me want to continue to follow my passion and inspire people to do good in the world and make a difference.”


swoon. what else drives you?

“a passion to heal, educate and empower women through delivering clean beauty skincare that is impactful and authentic.”


can you walk us through a typical day in the life of cindy?

“i am a natural healer, and i begin with my personal practice of daily gratitude. then, of course, my skincare ritual, which i have done –– without fail –– morning and night since i was twelve. this is a form of self-love and grounding to prepare me for whatever comes next in my day. afterwards, life goes full throttle with my holistic skincare practice, where i continue to beta test new products and stay connected to real results. managing LIV + GRACE SKINCARE and my holistic practice keeps me hopping and fulfilled!”


work can be so fulfilling when it’s the right work. tell us more about your daily gratitude practice. what are you thankful for?

“i am so grateful for my daughters, my health, my community and my friends. i am also very grateful for the freedoms we often take for granted as women here in America. i love to travel and am amazed at how many cultures still oppress women. i know we have a long way to go here, but we are still way ahead of so many others.” 


a sobering reminder indeed. how do you express gratitude?

“through prayer and an open heart.”


at époque we’re obsessed with paying it forward –– ‘tis the season! how do you give back to others?

“giving back means more than money. it is about generosity and loving kindness backed by action. i love to help people and give unexpected surprises. it feels good, and paying it forward keeps us all feeling generous and hopeful for the future. my business is all about giving to humanity by producing real products that make a difference in your skin and health, without damaging the environment. to me, that is an important gift to humanity.” your loved ones?

“i give words of affirmation, encouragement and try to withhold judgement. we are all on this journey together and we all truly just want to be seen, heard, and loved. it is a pretty simple recipe, but not always easy to practice.” yourself?

“i give back to myself with a daily practice of gratitude, exercise and staying connected to my closest friends. i find they give me a soft place to land when things get a little too intense. i also give back to myself with good quality food, wine and skincare. i care about my health and also want to encourage others to do the same. in the long game, it makes a huge difference!”



how have you evolved this past year?

“by getting closer to who i really am, and leaving perfection in the dust.”


if someone were to surprise you with three époque évolution pieces for the holidays, what would they be?

“the everyday pant, the white shirt and one of the amazing sweaters.”