Melanie Abernethy

full-time mom and graphic designer / brand consultant / style influencer / artist (whew!)

Whitby, Canada 

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Melanie Abernethy finds art in unexpected places. and moments.

and she kind of has to, as the prolific creator behind design studio MELO + CO, the wildly stylish founder of the blog by the same name, and the mother of two children. we set out to find out how she even finds time for a shower, let alone for self-introspection and near-endless creative endeavours.


what do your days look like? we want details.

“i get up early, make my celery juice and lemon water, and somehow get myself together while the kids eat breakfast and get ready for the day. i have my youngest at home with me three days a week, so when he's home, the day gets pretty consumed by him. we play, go for walks and run errands, with me fitting in emails and a bit of work here and there. i really work during nap time though: editing photos, working on design projects, shooting new content. after i pick up my five-year-old from school, it's go time. i pretty much cook and clean (i know, so exciting!), and play with the kids all evening until they are in bed, and then i work on design projects until about 11 o’clock most nights because, really, i don't have a lot of other time to work! there seems to be endless projects, so i just fit work in wherever I can.”


wowza. we’d say that hard work is paying off.

“well, selling my art prints to Indigo Books + Music, a large Canadian retailer, was a defining moment for me. it meant i was actually successful as a small business owner. it had been a goal i'd set for myself when i started my art print business after my son was born, and so being able to accomplish it in just over a year of being in business felt pretty great!”


talk about rethinking what is possible as a parent and as an entrepreneur. does it ever get hard?

“the past year has been a struggle. i've dealt with running a business, raising two kids –– one of whom went from an infant to a toddler and generally takes up all my time –– and a lot of health struggles. but i'm a firm believer that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.”


how do you find space to nurture your creativity –– and yourself –– amidst it all?

“i'm always trying to better myself, and constantly improve upon what i've done before. plus: i spoil myself with healthy raw vegan treats or clothing i've had my eye on. fashion is my ultimate vice, so i really do let myself indulge in the joy of getting dressed.”


YES. what pieces currently bring you that joy?

“definitely the perfect hat and perfect scarf. the freezing temps in Canada has me wanting all the cozy accessories. and always: the white shirt. so crisp, so polished.”