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the époque team on 2021 (so far)


what we know now

we’re three weeks into the long-awaited new year, and while life hasn’t changed super dramatically since 2020, it kind of has. there’s a hopefulness, a lightness, a warmth in the air. an energy. here, what that energy and hope looks like at the moment for our team, from NYC to San Francisco.


sarah cason

brand partnerships

your day-to-day at époque?

“researching eco brands that are like-minded for potential partnerships. most of my day, like most people, is all about the emails and calls… and then some more emails and calls!”


any NYE resolutions? 

“my intentions don’t change much from year to year: take more risks, conquer fears, be kind and do more good for people and our planet, take care of myself (or i won’t be able to take care of my people and the planet) and connect more with family and friends.”


so far... are you keeping that resolution? 

“this is no big deal for most: i’m terrified of being out in water that i can’t see the bottom of, but i took my kids kayaking this past weekend and had such a great time!”


where do you see yourself one year from now? 

“enjoying some snow somewhere! we recently moved to California, but my kids were both born in a place where we could ski often, so hoping to be able to get back up to the mountains during the winter months.”

époque on current rotation? 

“i know i should be trying to wear “real pants” by now, but i just love how buttery soft and chic the orion leggings II are. i have three pairs.”

Heidi Stubler Brown 

growth strategist

your day-to-day at époque? 

“i have the privilege of daydreaming a lot, as my role is to look ahead and speculate on what we need to do in order to continue growing the business.”

your day-to-day outside of work? 

“i grew up in Pennsylvania where January was always very cold and icy. so i have an immense appreciation for the warm, sunny January days in California, and for living in a place where the mountains meet the sea. our family got new wetsuits and a standup paddle board for Christmas. my husband and i pile our two toddlers on the SUP with us... it lasts all of thirty minutes, but it’s well worth it!”

your primary NYE resolution? 

“intentional prioritization of my own needs. 2020 forced all of us to slow down physically, but the sense of freefall that came with that created a lot of mental energy for me, which needs to be balanced. awareness is the first step. multiple times a day, i ask myself a very simple question, “what do you need right now”? the answers are illuminating.”

époque on current rotation?

“the essential pullover sweater. leaving the house less means washing the hair less too. the wide mock neck looks perfect with one of those few-too-many-days-since-the-last-wash ponytails. i know i can’t be the only one in this boat, right?”

Nicole Boucher

writer & editor

your day-to-day at époque?

“it’s all around finding the best ways to tell the (INCREDIBLE! MULTI-FACETED!) époque story. and that looks like: brainstorming seasonal vibes, interviewing crazy inspiring women doing crazy inspiring things, and waxing poetic about the magic that is époque itself.”

your day-to-day outside of work, in as many sentences as you like?

“it’s a weird time! covid, young kids, WFH. it would be weird if only one of those were true. it’s not peaceful, or relaxed, my life right now — woken by my four year old swan-diving into our bed at 4am every day, and then on from there (locating other child, clothes, breakfast, packing lunch) before working til 6pm and then repeating the morning in reverse order (unpacking lunch, dinner, bath / pjs, bedtime) but replacing coffee with wine — but the fact that it is a phase helps me not take things too seriously.”

something randomly notable that happened in the past three weeks?

"in a moment of warm weather wistfulness, i played Copacabana for my daughter the other night. now we listen to it 7 - 10 times a day and she casually belts out “HER NAME WAS LOLA, SHE WAS A SHOWGIRL.”

époque on current rotation?

“the oc mock neck and jet set trouser is my actual uniform. i’m pretty sure my babysitter thinks i don’t own any other clothes. also i’m in NYC and it’s January, so the perfect hat and perfect scarf which are, truly, perfect.”

karen winstead

product developer, excel whisperer

your day-to-day at époque? 

“interact with our factory partners to get amazing product to our customers. keep our founders up to date on the status of their gorgeous designs. fool around with data crunching, just because i find it fascinating.”


your day-to-day outside of work? 

“assisting my son with his online classes. supporting my husband in any way that i can — he's an administrator in a local school where the majority of families are at or below poverty level. it's a real challenge to keep the student at-risk population healthy. and walking our puppy. this little guy has kept me sane — the love, and the fact that i have to get fresh air and exercise every day, has truly helped my mental health.”


what feels different about this year? 

“for me, the acknowledgement that we don't have all the time in the world has been significant. take that trip, try the new recipe, chat with the new neighbor now, don't put it off.”

if you could tell your january 2020 self one thing, what would it be? 

“be hopeful! we are on the brink of such growth in humankind. have faith.”

époque on current rotation? 

“orion legging ii. they are so comfortable, yet so polished. i'm sure my family was thrilled when i shifted out of sweats and pjs a few months into the pandemic!”

Kara Kochevar

social media

your day-to-day at époque?

“my days are varied, which i love! first thing, i engage with new followers, respond to comments, and post to our story. after that, i dive into a running list of upcoming blogs, posts, and special projects.”

your day-to-day outside of work? 

"my morning rituals are centered around skincare. mid-morning, i like to walk while i listen to podcasts. if it's not a workday, i'll do something creative — i've been beading bracelets lately. in the evening, i love a sweaty vinyasa flow to ground my thoughts and connect with my body. after that, my very favorite thing is to sip wine while i cook a nourishing meal."

your NYE resolution?

“my word for 2021 is "alignment." my aim is to live more intuitively by acting from a place that is aligned with what truly feels right for me.”

the best thing you read, bought, cooked, did in the past three weeks?

“read: Homebody by Rupi Kaur. bought: crystals and a vegan leather journal from Child of Wild. cooked: creamy rigatoni and roasted cauliflower, a recipe from This Savory Vegan. did: The San Francisco Ballet's digital season is just beginning, so I made a date to drink champagne and stream A Midsummer Night's Dream.”

époque on current rotation?

“i love the sweater tee square neck. the knitting is gorgeous and the neckline feels so feminine. i've paired it with jeans, leggings, joggers - even a tennis skirt.”

GISELA michan 

public relations

your day-to-day at époque?

“i check for new coverage at the beginning of the day and get pitches out early to accommodate for media on the East Coast. afternoons are spent researching new contacts and opportunities and drafting new pitches for the following day based on my findings. i wrap up with reporting and analyzing media and influencer coverage to ensure our strategies are aligned, producing results, and most importantly, converting.”

your day-to-day outside of work? 

“being the best wife, daughter, sister, business owner, dog-owner and soon-to-be mother that i can be.”

any NYE resolutions? 

“worry less about the things i can’t control.”

thing you are looking forward to most this year? 

“bringing life into this world… and having my own world turned upside down.”

époque on current rotation? 

“the cable knit sweater tee and 2-in-1 knit sweater tee face cover. they keep me warm and protected on my walks, and business-ready for my Zoom meetings.”