summer staycation

walking you through our idea of a 

fun, exciting, yet restful vacation while staying local

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no travel necessary

summer travel plans have turned into airline credits, but that does not mean summer is canceled. as we see it, it's the perfect opportunity to discover the best local spots, so here's a little inspiration to get you started. all you'll need is good company, some sun screen, and a bottle of vino.


the itinerary

8:30 am

we usually live from 6am to 11pm, so sleeping in until this hour is considered a "w" for us. if you like to get a little more zzz's, go ahead and set you alarm later. it's staycation after all, so everything on the schedule is flexible. 

no matter when you wake up, we bet you could probably guess what comes next. caffeine? yes, please. our favorite is Lady Falcon coffee founded by one our boss-lady friends, Buffy Maguire, who serves lattes and drip coffee out of a renovated 1948 GMC bread van. she is based in the bay area, but offers a subscription service, so it can be sent to wherever you are. 

9:15 am

we love to start the day with some sort of movement, whether that be lacing up our running shoes, hopping onto our mountain bike, cruising on a paddle board, or rolling out a yoga mat. as you could probably tell from our giveback page, we love a good vinyasa flow. 

pairing the one crop top with the orion leggings is our favorite combo. both pieces are sweat wicking, quick drying, and buttery soft, so we are comfortable while stretching, twisting, and balancing on our mats, but can also move from yogi activities to post-shavasana outings without needing a full-on wardrobe change. 

10:30 am

after getting some ommm's it's time to hit the farmers market, so grab a large reusable bag (or two), your favorite sun glasses and a little cash. we like to get there as early as possible to get our hands on the best goodies, so we just throw on the organic cotton racerback for a quick turnaround. it's knit from summerweight seamless organic cotton and recycled nylon to keep you cool while farmstand hopping. 

you can't go wrong when buying seasonal, but in the summer we always make a point to grab some strawberries, little gem lettuce, a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes, a loaf of fresh sourdough, and anything else that catches our eye. shopping at your local farmers market is a great way to support local farmers and reduce your ecological footprint, while picking up the perfect ingredients for an afternoon picnic. 

1:00 pm

assemble the picnic of your dreams, take it outside, and find a spot with an ideal shade to sun ratio. whether we are playing volleyball in the backyard, admiring the garden, getting a little vitamin d, or swept away to a different part of the world through a good book, we wear the one crop top and bottoms. 

the one high rise fold over bottoms are designed with a high leg cut that flatters — and a high rise waist that flattens (but can also be folded down for a low rise, should that be your preference), so while you may just be in your backyard they are perfect for pretending you're on a sandy beach. to take it even further lather on some salt and stone sunscreen and a hat from kin the label.

5:30 PM

5 o'clock is wine o'clock, so it's time to uncork one of our favorite bottles of natural wine from rock juice. cheers, swirl, sip, and relax. what are we sipping in? the one two dress, our summer go-to. it's designed to fit loose with a v-neck on one side and a high neck on the other, so wear it either way! but wait... that's not even the best part. this knee-length dress has pockets, so it's perfect for stashing a card or a pencil to play "we're not really strangers," our current favorite game to play at home. 

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