WFH with époque's Team this week:

Sarah & Karen


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work from anywhere

we know the new norm is anything but normal, but working remotely IS somewhat the norm for our team. here are some things that have kept us sane, productive and (dare we say) positive. 


Sarah Cason - experiences 

 Karen Winstead - product development



experiences - époque évolution

organizational wizard , multitasking mom

and closet dancer

époque is all about experiences first. how are you rethinking the idea of experience during this time?

“by taking a deep, immersive dive into the lives of our evolvers, the amazing women we’ve been profiling since our launch. this is a really special opportunity to connect with these women — all of whom live in different places and do different things — in a way that we hope, in turn, connects with our community. we’re also rethinking ways for us to directly connect with our community. we’re doing a donation ZOOM yoga class for earth day, led by our founder Hannah. it's such a great way to share our love for the planet and caring for our bodies and spirits.

all of this will live on our IGTV — if you haven’t yet seen it, check it out!” 


where are you working?

“like every mother out there with school-age children, I’m now a full time teacher specializing in everything from music to science to playing chess as well as working with époque. so i work from my kitchen counter to be able to bounce between the kids and work. if i need a little privacy, i use our bedroom which at least has a door i can close! we are renovating and removed doors in our main living area, so working with a VERY open concept space right now.

i am feeling very thankful for technology and the time to be able to devote to the kids. this has been a wonderful change for us and we will cherish these moments.” 


what are you wearing?

“i live in my Orion leggings. i’ve worked in the fashion industry for over twenty years and my wardrobe consisted of incredible pieces, but i would never describe any as “comfortable” or “easy care”. after children, my style became more minimalistic and obviously comfort became VERY important, but had a hard time finding chic, comfortable and versatile clothing. i needed a wardrobe that was truly effortless in every aspect, but stylish. the orion legging looks high fashion but is low maintenance and feels like butter. i workout in them (even wear them under ski pants), lounge, dress them up and down and even sleep in them (not often, but it has happened). i own two pairs and have the orion legging II on order!!!


how are you practicing self-care?

“i thrive off of a routine and organization, which helps keep me calm and capable of taking on more than i think i’m capable of without feeling overwhelmed. this allows me to create a time and space for things like self-care which helps me be the best version of myself. things like cycling or yoga in the morning (thankful for Peloton right now!) and juicing every morning (kids have become fans as well… easy way to sneak in those veggies!). these two things alone keep me healthy, strong and provide a clear mind. when i want to indulge, i try new gluten- and dairy-free recipes or bake some sourdough bread. baking has been a wonderful hobby for me for a couple years now — and certainly has come in handy these days. i love the challenge of creating healthy recipes that are delicious, and if i can get kid approval… even better.”


and when you aren’t working / teaching / parenting / baking?

“i listen to guided meditations each night and practice diaphragmatic breathing. i choose a “feel good” topic to fall asleep to and wake up feeling more positive, calm and less affected by anxiety and fear. i have been doing this since being diagnosed with a health condition and it has really changed my perspective. i hardly watch tv, but if i need to just relax and veg out, we will watch a Oscar-nominated movie (never get a chance to see them before the Oscars) with a glass of Italian wine (alcohol-free)…. love the ritual more than the hangover.”



product developer - époque évolution 

board game enthusiast, amateur sleuth

and mother of two incredible (almost) adults & 1 very adorable dog 

you oversee production for époque. how are you handling this new reality?

“with much patience and compassion. the safety of our larger team is of utmost importance, so if something usually takes a week, it might take three weeks during this period. that's okay. we trust each other to move our businesses forward as best we can, while protecting our community. we all know, too, that sooner or later we will return to normal, and we're positioning ourselves to be ready for that. we are all optimistic about our collective future.”


how are époque’s factories faring with all this?

“many of our factories are family-based, and their workers are extended family. they are genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of their employees. most tried a decreased workforce for distancing purposes, 2/3 to 1/3 capacity. others tried to continue operating until or unless one person was diagnosed, then closing. our woven shirt factory is operating with minimal sewers to make masks and gowns for medical and first responders. we are so lucky to have such wonderfull people to work with.”


what is life like for you now?

“I’m used to working from home, have been for years, and have developed good habits over the years — create transitions, keep to a schedule, sit at a table or desk, never the bed, get dressed, take breaks to move around. but working from home with a husband, a very independent adult daughter, and a teenaged son frustrated that his social life has come crashing down has been an adjustment. my office is set up in the third bedroom / guest room / daughter's room when she's home. we were able to get my adult daughter out of NYC just before their "stay home" order went into effect, so she's in that room, meaning my office is otherwise occupied for the time being. my daughter has grown used to spreading out in her own place and we’ve jockeyed for time at the dining room table. my husband set up his office on our apartment's lower level — where he has had back-to-back Zoom team meetings most days, so I’ve had to flee to the bedroom for phone or video chats.

i try to keep my usual habits — getting out of bed at the usual time, showering, getting dressed, sitting at the table to work — and when i do, i gravitate to my époque dresses. the one two dress is comfortable, looks great, and makes me feel like a professional. other days, i throw on my orion II leggings and sweater knit boatneck tee, and get to feel dressed and comfortable. 

for the first time in my life, i’m feeling the enormity of being the woman of the house. i feel the responsibility, as women always have, of being the one to gently prod toward a schedule, completion, norms, little achievements, healthy eating and exercise habits. i’m trying to get my son to challenge himself rather than do the bare minimum of online class assignments, trying to calm him when he is positive that his high school love can’t survive the pandemic. i’m cooking more than i have had time to in recent years — and loving that.” 

i do realize that i can’t be too controlling as we are all doing the best we can. we each have different needs for privacy and alone time.” 


when do you find time for yourself?

“i’ve very much enjoyed getting out early in the morning and hearing birds chirp. the air smells so very clean and fresh, and at night i've been able to see the stars and the Milky Way even though i live close to downtown. amazing. it feels that we're giving mother earth a breather, and that can only be a good thing. this virus has put things in perspective for me.”


what are you reading? watching? doing otherwise?

“i’ve always been a big reader, not so much into TV/cable, but my usual focus is just not there. i read a page and realize i’ve absorbed absolutely nothing. thought i’d be into classics or some of my old favorites like The Poisonwood Bible, The Red Tent, To Kill a Mockingbird, Angle of Repose”…. but seems that the only thing that sticks is a junk-food diet of pulpy thrillers and detective novels. that, and 1990s sitcoms.

also: we have a puppy! the puppy is a godsend. he is so cheerful, always eager to get outside for a walk, chase a ball, tilt his head at my questions and curl up with a big sigh against my side for an afternoon nap. he forces me to get outside and get a little exercise, chat at a distance with other dog owners, escape the confines of the house.” 


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