planting the seeds for change

summer gardening for good


planting the seeds for change

we’re well into 2020, and… well. probably safe to say we’re all looking for more meaningful ways to connect. to slow down. to be mindful. and — this is important — to be resourceful. which perhaps explains why we’ve been drawn to nature more and more. planting tomatoes in our garden, throwing our windows wide open, even plucking wildflowers from sidewalks. in other words: gardening like fiends.

here, a quick deep dive into our current favorite past time.


the uniform: What we're WEARING

organic cotton tops

we know a lot of love goes into a creative process, and we know it can get a little messy. when we garden, we wear our organic cotton racerback or the organic cotton mock neck, and here's why: both tops are machine washable (so you can really get in that dirt and not worry about ruining your shirt), and both tops are knit from a summerweight seamless organic cotton and recycled nylon (designed to keep you cool while digging, planting, and watering).  

orion II legging

these are our go-to leggings for a lot of things  including gardening. they're cut from sustainable, durable, butter-soft fabric that moves with you, keeps your cool and comfortable. they're quick to dry, moisture-wicking and will keep you from getting too wet when you get a little expressive with the garden hose. they're machine washable, so you can kneel in the soil and get up close and personal with whatever plants you are welcoming into your home. 

Gardening 101 

with époque founder Nancy

if anyone knows her way around a garden, it's Nancy. (fun fact: she makes a killer salad every day from produce she picks from her own garden.) here, she shares some of her tips and tricks. 

the inspiration: who we're following

jenny ong

she's a lover of the slow life, earth activist, homestead hobbyist, and as seen on her instagram, is constantly listening to the seasons and smelling all the flowers.  



she loves dogs, karaoke and learning how to grow her own food. she is our inspo when it comes to anything gardening, the best ways to giving back, and looking chic while doing it. for the past decade she has been dedicated to redefining the ideologies of sustainability and embodying the notions of transformative justice and creative innovation. she grew up in Oakland, where creative community building was the core of her personal and young professional life. now, she is the founder of MelaninASS, an influencer for sustainable style, a writer, a public speaker, a creative director,an environmental justice educator AND the proud co-founder of the non-profit Sustainable Brooklyn. (see why we're inspired?)



Sustainable Brooklyn

Sustainable Brooklyn works to bridge gaps between the sustainability movement and targeted communities through various modalities, including education and events. they are committed to fashionably fostering the evolution of sustainability to create an inclusive future for all. they provide access and insight to sustainability from the lens of the African diaspora to address the limitations of the current sustainability movement and to implement holistic strategies that provide regenerative solutions for Black liberation, a fertile foundation upon which to thrive, unencumbered. the current landscape of sustainability omits the voices and values of Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), perpetuates appropriation, and thrives from a colonial framework. through resources, events, workshops and curriculums,they provide tools to shift sustainability literacy to encompass cultural existence and celebration, economic liberation, self healing, land sovereignty and community preservation. 


THE ACTION: workout | help out

join us at 9AM PST on 8/2 for a virtual yoga class taught by founder Hannah Franco 

to help us raise money to support Sustainable Brooklyn. 

you can sign up and find more information on our giveback page. 

THE GREEN THUMB essentials: eco brands we love

THE SHADES: eco eyewear

our friends at eco eyewear believe that making a difference starts by making better choices. that’s why they made it their mission to use recycled and biobased material in all of their eco eyewear frames. that’s also why they plant a tree for every frame that is purchased. Eco works with Trees for the Future and together they have planted over 2 million trees so far. trees not only cool the planet and clean the air, but doing so also empowers entire communities by helping them restore their environment, grow more food and build a sustainable future. Eco makes each frame from sustainable maturials, like castor seed oil and recycled steel, and designs each one to encourage you to express yourself and feel good in your own skin. 


THE SUN HAT: intierarth

intiearth brings you thoughtfully handcrafted products that are made to last and tell a story behind the hands that created it. founder Jenni Li, who was born in Peru and raised in the United States, was inspired by her native country after returning for family visits with her own children. trips to the local markets became a ritual, returning to see her favorite artisans. intierth honors the beauty of Peru’s indigenous materials and traditional techniques and each collection is crafted with artisan partnerships and fair trade and sustainable workshops. 


The SUNSCREEN: salt & stone

salt & stone doesn't make your typical sunscreen. they focus on natural, organic, cruelty-free ingredients and research the quality of each ingredient extensively, taking no shortcuts. their mission is to create safe formulas that are extremely effective and are far superior to what you have come to expect from natural skin care. and, because they care, the ingredients they use are grown and produced in ethical and sustainable ways, without pesticides, artificial fragrances, sulfates, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates or GMO's. All of their packaging is also recyclable and made from post consumer recycled materials. 



we are all known for something, and for Suzannah Raff, founder of Cleo+Coco, that thing was always smelling amazing. using her collection of essential oils she created her own deodorant that was natural, free from synthetic fragrance, sensitive enough for pregnant and nursing moms, yet still powerful enough to combat odor. in addition to being a product that isn't harmful to use, she created the Deodorant Bar, which uses the same award-winning formula and is held in a no-mess sustainable wax mold offering the next generation of eco-conscious deodorant application, because the environment is something that we have to take care of too. 

the boots: Alice + Whittles

Alice + Whittles makes footwear designed to get you outside to discover and re-connect, rain or shine. each pair of their boots are made from sustainable materials like natural fair-trade rubber and ocean plastics. part of their mission is to work with the environment opposed to further destroy it, which is why their rainboots are made from rubber that is collected from trees by tapping the trunk and harvesting the sap. not only is using natural rubber better for the environment, but it also takes one-fourth the energy to produce compared to the production of synthesit rubbers. 

the tools: two game changers

click & grow 

as avid gardeners ourselves, we full heartedly beleive that everyone deserves to experience the benefits of having a garden. today, more than half of the worlds population lives in urban areas which means not everyone can tend to their own outdoor garden. thankfully, indoor plants are proven to improve health through consumption, reduce stress, improve air quality and overall happiness. Click & Grow builds smart gardens that bridge the gap between modern life and nature. their smart gardens take care of themselves, making it possible to grow plants 365 days a year in even the most busiest households.  


Barebones is all about what feeds you. literally. figuratively. soulfully. the supply the inspiration, goods, and guidance to help you revel in food, nature, and the primal pull of the fire. through outdoor cookware and living products, their mission is to help you connect to the moment, each other, and the food on your plate.