packing the époque évolution way

travel, made easy-breezy (ish)

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you, too, can pack in 10 minUTES.


we don’t mean to brag, but we are experts when it comes to packing. we had it honed down to a science before starting époque évolution, so you can imagine how efficient the whole shebang is for us now. here, a few hard-earned hacks we’ve learned along the way.

the packing:

1) choose pieces that you can wear morning, noon and night. (cough, cough, époque évolution.) 

2) stick to a color scheme, so you can mix and match everything. 

3) roll, don’t fold, to avoid wrinkling. 

4) bring a few key accessories to dress things up as needed. 

5) pack in pouches: put your delicates in one, those accessories in another, your 343 chargers / headphones in another, and so on. 

6) and once you figure it all out, make a little list of what you did pack so you can easily reference next time. no need to reinvent the wheel with each trip. 

the baggage:

skip the rolling suitcase (if you can), and opt for a chic backpack. because, as hannah can attest, everything you need can fit in a backpack. and there’s no better travel than hands-free travel. and speaking of handsfree… 

wear a cross-body purse, or a belt bag, or a fanny pack (thank god they are chic again!) to hold day-of essentials — like ID, credit card, chapstick — at the airport, around town, at dinner.

on our current packing list:

any tips / essentials you would add?