Corinna Albrecht

mama, customer whisperer 

central Oregon

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“i truly enjoy helping people and connecting with them. it's a core value of mine.”

to know Corinna Albrecht is to love her. heck, to even get an email from Corinna is to love her, as so many of our customers will attest. seriously: we’ve received handwritten notes praising the level of customer service Corinna provides. that’s how badass she is. it’s also why we’re pretty sure she is the best mother in the world — and why we want you to know (and love) her, too. here, Corinna on mothering a baby boy, working in between naps and loving what she does. 


tell us about the work you do for …us!

i handle customer service for époque évolution. i respond to emails, i return phone calls, i answer questions. basically, i ensure our customers have the very best experience possible. i’ve always had a passion for customer service. and even more so at époque. we truly care about our customers. what they think and how they feel matters to us. they are why we do what we do.


have you noticed a shift in your interactions with customers since the pandemic?

we seriously have the best customers. i always try to approach every interaction with love, kindness and empathy, and our customers always meet me right there as well — even more so since the pandemic, and with even more patience, more compassion, and more overall concern for each other's well being. it's been beautiful to witness.


what’s life like for you right now?

i live on the central Oregon coast with my fiancé and our nineteen-month-old son. oh, and our dog too. we took a leap of faith last year and relocated here from the Bay Area. as much as we miss being close to our family and friends, it was the very best decision we could have made. living right next to the ocean and the surrounding forest has been so grounding.

working from home has been my norm for a while now, so i had gotten into a rhythm before the quarantine hit. i find pockets of time during the day to get work in. while my little guy is eating breakfast, i’ll sneak in some work there at the kitchen table. sometimes i’ll set him up with an activity and get some work done while he's playing. naptime is always my favorite time to work though — less interruptions!  


any “you time” in there?

i’ve been really trying to prioritize sleep these days. since becoming a mother, i’ve gotten into the bad habit of staying up way too late to get my "me" time in. i was really starting to feel it once the pandemic hit. with the added stress, i knew this needed to change in order for me to stay grounded and optimistic. it really has made all the difference. i also try to make sure i sneak in some self care during the day. fifteen minutes of movement or a walk around the neighborhood has been so life giving as well.


what are you wearing during these very full days?

The Sweater Tee Boatneck, the Jet Set Trouser and the One Two Dress have been my go-tos during quarantine. they are so comfortable and easy to move in! exactly what i need to feel put together while still being able to keep up with my little guy who is on the move.


and how are you staying inspired?

i'm reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. i’m also really enjoying her new podcast, Unlocking Us. i just love her, can't get enough of her work.


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