we believe in women’s voices being heard. we believe in education, sustainability, equality and human rights. we believe that voting on (or before!) november 3rd is the most important thing you can do right now. we believe your voice is a powerful and important tool that no one can take away from you. and we believe expressing it should always be celebrated, especially on (or before!) election day. here's, what we're wearing as we show up, stand up and make our voices heard.






the white shirt is for those of you who get sh*t done, but have fun doing it. it's the best version of a classic button-down, but designed with an oversized fit, dolman sleeves and high side slits. in other words: designed to be worn any and every single which way you want. (did we mention it comes in black!?


the edit shirt is a stylized spin on the white shirt, boasting slightly puffed sleeves and a minimal collar in a softly crinkled GOTS certified organic cotton. it's fitted in all the right places, meaning you'll look good and feel good when waiting in line to vote or watching online to see what happens. 


in the meantime: buttons up, headphones in, music on. because anyone who says that waiting in line is boring just might be someone who doesn't know how to get sh*t done and have fun at the same time.



because being cozy and chic doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. (especially not while waiting in line at the polls.) agree? wear one of our sweater tees under the essential cardigan, pull it together with a tie belt, and top it off with a hat. our essential cardigan is designed with a shawl collar to keep you from getting chilly, and two front pockets perfect for holding a pen and some hand sanitizer. 


our essential sweater tees come in three different styles  boatneck, square neck, and turtleneck  and each one is as effortless as a tee but cozy as a knit. (AKA: built for layering.) they're made of thermoregulating and antimicrobial merino wool and recycled nylon, meaning they look (and perform) on point whether you're hitting the polls to cast your vote or having a celebratory dance party afterwards.

the bottoms


what comes to mind when you think of a superhero? Captain America, sure, but also someone who fights for justice. someone who stands up to use their voice to help others. someone who uses their power to make the world a better place. so, essentially: every individual who votes! which is why we will be wearing our hero pants when we do go to vote: the chic machine washable full-length wool trouser is designed with a no-pinch waistband, meaning they're as comfortable as your favorite pair of joggers (but even more stylish). they have pockets, too, so you can hold anything and everything from a mask to a pen to some hand sanitizer to even a little treat after doing your part to make the world a better place. 

OPTION 2: THE work from anywhere pant

a super sleek (and super comfortable) high-waisted trouser that levels up your waiting-in-a-social-distanced-line-to-vote look. (or pacing-your-house-waiting-for-results look.) cut from our Italian-made, machine washable evolve fabric (keeps you warm) and produced with state-of-the-art eco-compatible technologies in a fully solar-powered facility (backs up what you're voting for). 

the accessories 

the hat: kin the label

KIN THE LABEL is known for making really cool hats, in a really responsible way. the designs are raw but refined, classic but modern, and the two women behind the brand are focused on evaluating their carbon footprint, reducing the journey of their products by sourcing wool, straw, and silk to as close to their source as possible. sounds like our kind of people and our kind of hats.

the SHOES: Alice + Whittles

we are not going to let anything get in our way of voting, especially not a little rain. and especially not when we are wearing some badass Alice + Whittles boots, made from sustainable materials like natural fair-trade rubber and ocean plastics. the brand's mission is to work with the environment as opposed to further destroy it. their rain boots, for example, are made from rubber collected from trees by tapping the trunk and harvesting the sap. not only is using natural rubber better for the environment, but it also takes one-fourth the energy to produce compared to the production of synthetic rubbers. 


the bag: what's inside

what we're listening to (KNOWLEDGE IS POWER)

whether you are voting in person or by mail, here are some of the voices we have been listening to get educated about what we're voting for this election.
- codeswitch 
- the daily 
- 1619
- pod save america 
- left, right, and center
- the new yorker: politics and more

A notebook

if you are voting in person, it might be worth your while to look at what's on your ballot ahead of time, to do a little research. Karst Stone Paper makes notebooks you can use to keep your notes with you when you're at the voting booth. one more little trick (owning our experience!) we're trying to make voting less stressful and more purposeful, more celebratory.