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Giving back is core to responsible business

we are constantly trying to evolve the way we give, especially this season and especially on Giving Tuesday. and so we partnered with our winter evolver Sara Franti (maybe you’ve read her inspiring interview!) to give to those who deserve a little bit of magic.


Do It For The Love

is a non-profit organization Sara created with her husband, Michael. “we send adults and children living in end-stages of life-threatening illness, children with severe challenges, and wounded veterans to live concerts. 


the backstory, according to Sara?

it was founded in 2013 when we met a couple named Hope and Steve Dezember. Steve was fighting ALS, and we saw how powerful and meaningful music had been in his healing and also in creating joy in his life. my husband is a musician, and i worked as an ER nurse for 8 years, so the creation of Do It For The Love merged both our passions. since its founding, we have made over 3000 live music wishes come true.”