five lady-boss books to read now

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how to take over the world 

(or just start your own business)

we dreamed up époque évolution in 2015, and we launched époque évolution in 2018. the time between these two milestones were spent ideating, designing, networking, fundraising — and reading up on everything we could around business, because knowledge is power. and because, well, what a time to be a woman.


why you should read it: because every woman needs to find her voice, even if it has anger. it is important to understand history and the feminist movement, and our current moment in history. we need to step up, we need to vote and we need to find our unique voice.


why you should read it: because you need a lot of grit to take a startup to a successful business.


why you should read it: it’s the bible for stepping up. don’t be shy, unsure, or sit in the back.


why you should read it: you'll learn how to feel comfortable in uncomfortable settings. fake it until you make it.


why you should read it: because it’s the best discovery book we've read. passion is everything in life. (or should be.)


what would you add to this list?