five gifts to give


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it’s starting. 

the parties, the secret Santas, the family visits. and, in an effort to get ahead of it all so we can enjoy it all, here are some of the goodies we’ve had our eye on the past few months, from some of the bad-ass, women-run brands we’ve worked with over the past few months: whether you gift them to others or keep for yourself to style with your époque évolution is up to you.


wondering what to wear with your epoque...


THE WHY: it's molded by hand from a single piece of vegetable dyed calfskin leather(!). 


WHY WE LOVE IT: FEIT aims to move away from volume and excess and towards quality, sustainability, and the pursuit of product integrity. (cue applause.) 


THE WHY: cashmere socks = best of affordable luxury. 

THE BRAND: Stick & Ball 

WHY WE LOVE IT: much of founder Elizabeth Goodwin Wellborn’s luxe collection of knits is hand-spun by artisans, in an effort to support local craftsmanship (and families).


THE WHY: it's minimal, hands-free and freakin’ perfect. 

THE BRAND: Future Glory Co. 

WHY WE LOVE IT: designed by Theresa LeClassic, the brand is a socially conscious maker of some seriously gorgeous handcrafted leather bags and accessories. 


THE WHY: you'll wear it with everything. 

THE BRAND: Francis Austen 

WHY WE LOVE IT: the team — powered by a group of like-minded women and “one great dude” — designs clothing to wear forever. literally. peace, fast fashion. 


The gift: Maeve Hoops, $78

THE WHY: these are some outfit-making earrings. 


WHY WE LOVE IT: the insanely chic brand uses an eco-friendly natural alternative to the petroleum-based materials so many others use. and it is wallet-friendly, to boot.