because we are passionate about women’s voices being heard. about education. sustainability. equality and human rights. and we believe every vote is a voice that needs to be heard. 


you’ve probably seen the news. blue postal boxes being removed from sidewalks, stacked up, never to be used again. both the pandemic and a general lack of funding for the postal service have presented crazy obstacles for the november 3 election. and dude: in a democracy, the only thing a voter should be considering is which box to check, not whether their ballot will make it in time or if at all. whether their vote will be counted, or their voice heard. and all of this late night / early morning thinking was the impetus behind #evolvethevote: every époque évolution order placed from september 10th - november 4th will receive a postage stamp, carefully tucked into your package from us. 

and yes! mail-in ballots do come with prepaid postage. BUT using a stamp in addition helps ensure your envelope gets priority status. (crazy, right?) we don’t want the lack of a stamp to stop anyone from getting engaged this year. it’s also a necessary time to support the USPS, to make sure that we have this vital public service available in the future. 

but most of all we want your voice to be heard. loud and clear.


we are passionate about women’s voices being heard, and hope to encourage women to get more engaged in their communities and governments. to that end, we are also donating proceeds from our weekend virtual yoga classes to She Should Run, an incredible non-profit that’s working to increase the number of women running for office. so come sweat with us every sunday at 9am PST for one of our benefit classes 


we are passionate about education. we founded époque évolution to tackle issues near and dear to our hearts, especially around sustainability, women’s rights, and social justice. we’ve learned so much since launching our brand and meeting our customers and experiencing the ups and downs that come with being committed to making conscious choices. but we still have so much to learn – we all do, right? – which is why, this fall, we partnered with three women advocating for change, and asked each one to share their insider POV with us. we figure others, like us, will be invigorated by the access to information and education. 


Lettie ShumateLeah ThomasClaire Wasserman, and stay tuned for more.

we don't want anyone to take away the power of your voice. make sure you're registed to vote. most states begin sending ballots to voters more than a month before election day, so if you can, vote early to make sure your ballot will be counted. 


some helpful resources

voter registration and requesting an absentee ballot:

state-by-state guide to voting by mail: 

sign up to work the polls: 

preview what will be on your ballot: 

the election protection hotline number to report any issues: 866-OUR-VOTE