three non-profit heroes

and what they are wearing.

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it's a movement, not a moment.

while we listen and while we learn, we also need to rest, to restore, to better keep that momentum going.

here, three women who dedicate their lives to change on how they practice self care. 

and a few style tips too. 



Co-founder, Karana Rising 

Washington, DC 

about karana rising

Karana rising is an innovative space created by survivors to lead and support other survivors through their own recovery journey. lead by an all-survivor team, whose lived-experiences with human trafficking, sexual exploitation and assault and intimate partner violence give unique insights on both what survivors need today and how they can support our communities.

her montra? it's a powerful one: "i am only one, but i am one. i cannot do everything, but i can do something. and because i cannot do everything, i will not refuse to do the something that i can do." - Edward Everett Hale 

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sara franti

Co-founder, Do It For The Love 

San Francisco, CA

about do it for the love

Sara and her husband started Do It For The Love as a nonprofit that grants musical wishes to those who need the healing of music the most. Together they have granted over three thousand wishes (!!!) for adults, children and veterans who very much need a bright spot in their lives. 

what keeps her going while being a mother, a mentor, and a hotelier? being mindful of movement: "I have a few non-negotiables that have to fit in each day at some point. taking ten thousand steps a day is one of them. it's an achievable number, but one that requires intention to achieve. i'll put my son Taj in his stroller and we will roll. it doesn't happen every day, but it's something i try and do."

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luz alvarado

Legal Systems Advocacy Program Director, Center for Domestic Peace 

San Francisco, CA 

about c4DP

Center For Domestic Peace was founded to advocate and support survivors of domestic abuse by providing services, including legal advocacy, emergency shelter, a 24-hour crisis hotline, transitional housing, support groups, prevention programs in schools, and a healthy masculinity program for boys and young men. Luz helps survivors of domestic abuse navigate the legal system. her hope is to give back to her community a little of what she received -- a life free of violence. 

what keeps her so passionate? embracing the simple things: "my wonderful partner knows how difficult but important what i do it, so he tries to support me each day. we hike, we camp, we fly-fish! and we love board games."

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