sara franti

co-founder, Do It For The Love

Bali, Indonesia 


we don’t know who needs to hear this right now (besides everyone), but: “the most impactful thing you might be able to do right now is reach out to your partner, your lover, your kids,” says our evolver Sara Franti. “make a connection and be present for them.” this and other inspiring glimpses into this mother / entrepreneur / activist below.


fill in the blank: this summer, you’re getting out and _______________.

“doing my best to raise awareness around policies that reinforce systemic racism, social inequalities and injustice! i am also loving up my son and husband the best way i know how to keep myself grounded.”


we are living in crazy — but important, for so many reasons — times. what is life like right now for you?

“i am currently living in Bali so summertime is always on my mind here. my husband and I own a hotel called Soulshine here in Bali. we had come here at the end of February to host one of our annual Soulrocker Retreats and planned to be home by mid-March to start on one the busiest summers we have ever had in terms of work and career growth. by mid-March the airlines had cancelled our flights, and it was becoming apparent we should stay exactly where we are. so we have been living in Bali for exactly six months! it has been the greatest gift to have the opportunity to continue to live the last few months here, i don't take a second of it for granted. to have my two year old learn to speak Indonesian at the same pace he is learning to speak English, to be able to take family scooter rides at sunset, and to have Taj play in the mud is something we could not have anywhere else. the adventures we are experiencing as a family in this moment, despite the stress and uncertainty, is unforgettable.”


how has the pandemic affected your non-profit, Do It For The Love?

“Do It For The Love sends adults and children living in end-stages of life threatening illness to live concerts. so overnight, our programming went to a complete halt. the need to inspire hope and joy in people's lives never goes away, and so, to still make this impact, our team quickly launched 'Operation Love Notes' supporting Music Therapy Departments within hospitals, to help serve patients who are even more isolated and vulnerable to fear and depression. so far we have partnered with over eight hospitals all over the USA, and are continuing our outreach through the fall. there is an absolute need for us to create ways of giving people tools to find resiliency in hardship. life will always provide people challenges, but knowing how to push through them is what makes the difference. we want to support people in that capacity.

we continue to support our staff here in Bali. my husband [musician Michael Franti] now has live concerts online and i’ve literally had to learn how to become a producer and director. if you catch a show, you'll see me sitting behind two laptops and on the phone making these concerts go online. it's been crazy and fun. $2 from every concert ticket we sell goes to Do It For The Love and an Indonesian philanthropic organization like the Bali Music Fund or the Bumi Sehat Birthing Clinic. 

i’m not sure what our future will look like as a planet. i still wake up completely dazed on what the heck is happening in terms of our health, the environment, governing bodies. but what i do know is that we still need to support each other in being hopeful for our future, and so while our careers have pivoted and look different, the end goal is the same. we continue to reach out to our community, to our fans and inspire them to stay strong.”



“start at home. helping others doesn't need to be a grand gesture. these are difficult times. the most impactful thing you might be able to do right now is reach out to your partner, your lover, your kids. make a connection and be present for them. and most importantly... be yourself. our greatest act of service to live in this world as our authentic self with courage and self-compassion.”



“i’m listening to two audio books :”Oh Crap!" to figure out how to potty train my son and "The Awakened Family - A Revolution in Parenting" by Dr. Shefali Tsabary. why i would want to get a handle of potty training is an obvious one, but i wanted to learn and understand more about how i could empower my son Taj as he grows up. no one is perfect and Taj will grow up with something he will have to work through that i had transferred to him no matter what! : ) so i feel like if i can minimize that impact (i know it can never be zero) and also give him tools to work through hard times, i would feel good as a mama!”


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