florist & mom of two

Sebastopol, California


“we all need something beautiful

to look at”

there are a lot of ways to make the world a more beautiful place, but few are so literal as the way Sachi Kuboshima Morlock does: with flowers. “i think we need something beautiful to look at in our crazy lives,” says the florist and mom of two. here, how (and why) she does it.

photos: ashley wexler photgraphy


where do you live?

“in Sebastopol with my husband Joey, a woodworker, and our two boys, who are 2 and 3 years old. we recently moved here from Novato. we wanted more open space for the kids, more shop space for my husband, and just a slower, simple lifestyle.”


what do you do — professionally, personally, passionately? 

“professionally, i’m a florist. personally, i’m a mother taking care of two wild boys. and my passion was traveling and dining out — i would like to travel more when the boys are older, to take them where i lived and have the same experience with them. my husband was a former fine dining chef. we like to travel to places and enjoy nice meals. i also like visiting other flower shops or other beautiful stores in my free time to gain inspiration!’


what path led you here? 

“i was born and raised in Tokyo. my childhood dream was to become a florist. my mom took me to a local flower shop for every occasion, and i chose flowers to have them make arrangements. i visited California when i was in high school, and knew someday that i wanted to move to the United States. i worked in Southeast Asia before moving to the States in 2008. i studied in City College of San Francisco to learn basic knowledge about floral design, then started to freelance for weddings and events and local flower shops before opening my own shop in 2019.”


what inspires and drives you? 

“i get a lot of inspiration from nature and the places i visit. i went to Amsterdam in 2019 — it was the most inspiring flower trip in my life. when i go back home to Japan, i visit gardens, flower farms and attend flower classes. i really enjoy pleasing my customers — seeing their happiness drives me to work harder. i think we need something beautiful to look at in our crazy lives.”


something you’ve realized on the job?

“one florist may sell the exact same products as another but the display and ambiance of their shop can make or break how well the products move.”


top tip for crafting a beautiful floral arrangement?

“pick out the most suitable vessel for what you’re planning on making. height, width, shape, color: it all matters.”


your favorite flower? 

“the Japanese sweet pea. it always reminds me of my childhood. very nostalgic.”


we are living in crazy times. how has the pandemic changed the way you work and live? 

“the pandemic made me realize that life can change drastically at any given moment, so if you have an opportunity, you shouldn’t wait to seize it. also, i value family more. i haven't been back home for almost three years, since the pandemic. i would like to go home to see my parents with the boys soon.”


piece of époque on current rotation?  

“the organic cotton racerback. i like the fabric and it is easy to work in dressing up or down.”


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three random items you can’t live without? 

“Vertly lip balm, Yerba mate and hand wipes.”


meal made (or eaten)? 

“SingleThread Farms in Healdsburg. my husband used to work there as a chef. every dish (and the way they plate) really inspires me.”


not-so guilty pleasure? 

“Keto ice cream.”