Olivia Eleazar

creative director, photographer, stylist, jewelry designer 



Olivia Eleazar’s advice to others navigating, well, everything right now? “if you can conceive it in thought, you can achieve it in action.” and as a creative director AND photographer AND stylist AND jewelry designer, Olivia is proof positive that this is true. (as is her dreamy Instagram feed @elkantlers.)

here’s how she does it.


why do you live where you do? 

“my fiancé and i are both are third-generation Singaporeans, both born and raised here. the part of town we live in, I’m convinced, is our prosperity zone. we were fatefully and repeatedly drawn to this particular area and fell in love with its characteristics and didn't want to be anywhere else!”


what do you do — professionally, personally, passionately?

“i’m a creative director with a niche in brand identity and user interface design. i’m a stylist and photographer, creating bespoke visual content for brands from all over the world. i own an alternative jewelry company called Ask & Embla. and i am genuinely and professionally passionate about each of these roles!” 


what path led you here? 

“creativity is an ingrained passion of mine. i’ve felt it running through my veins for as long as i can remember and even announced to my family when i was just five years old that i would be an artist one day.

growing up in the age of technology made me naturally inclined to digital tools and software, and eventually led me to the world of graphic design and UI design. styling and photography came after as a hobby!” 


what inspires you? 

“people who create and share fearlessly.”


something you’ve realized on the job?

“most people are just pure talk and fluff. our ability and / or confidence in verbal performance and presentation is not equivalent to the actual quality or integrity of work. this realization hit hard for me because i had crippling self esteem issues surrounding this!”


fill in the blank: this summer, you’re getting out and _______________.

“reconnecting with everyone. typically, i am very introverted and enjoy away or alone time from gatherings and groups, preferring an occasionally social life. recent and unique times, however, have made that the new regularized way of life for EVERYONE, and the collective new distance between has made me appreciate those i still have to call dear and beloved to me, near or far. and i want them to know that, so I am actively breaking out of my old self and preference, and reaching out to those i love.”


what’s important to your daily routine? 

“me time.”


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how are you staying healthy?

“through cycling and occasional HIIT!”


what are you listening to? 

“i can't live without music!! i’m listening to a lot of Greta Van Fleet (blues rock), Neck Deep (pop punk), Logic (rap) and In Vain (metal) — varied taste, I know.”


what are you wearing everyday? 

“my daily wear is really minimal and also modular. the one pencil skirt (aptly named) is a friggin' dream and i wear it so much!! i honestly hate wearing bottoms sometimes because where they hug at the waist can be constrict when you sit, and if you eat or bloat it can get uncomfortable. but The One feels like I'm not wearing anything.” 


all-around life hack you swear by?

“get a candle lamp and never light a wick again. it seriously extends a candle's lifespan by many many many fold!! i’m a candle hoarder and always stinge on lighting them because some deplete so fast. ever since i got a candle lamp, i never feel bad or worry about wasting a light on any of my bougie candles.”


advice to others navigating it all?

“if you can conceive it in thought, you can achieve it in action. if you're stuck, you'll figure it out.”


not-so guilty pleasure?

“cocktails at brunch.”