laura nethercutt

photographer, multi-hypenate creator & occasional époque model

San Francisco, CA


“i am a one woman show.”

some people can’t help themselves — creativity just bubbles from within. in good times, in bad times, in somewhere-in-between times. like Laura Nethercutt, a crazy-chic photographer (just look at her!) slash postcard entrepreneur (“for those who wander and those who wonder”) slash occasional époque model (just look at her!) (no, really: she’s on our homepage!): “it’s been a couple of years like no other. perhaps that’s fertile ground for an outpouring of creativity.” here’s how she does it.


what do you do — professionally, personally, passionately? 

“i am creating, which is a professional endeavor, and it fills me up personally and passionately. i’ve been a photographer by trade for as long as i can remember, and the evidence of that is all over my home. i’ve recently launched a line of postcards, an endeavor born of both pandemic and divorce.”


what path led you here? 

“i was always on it, but felt distracted. it took a divorce to clarify my desire to create.”


what inspires you? 

“simplicity. there's beauty in that. also, the pulse and energy of the world around me. the obvious helps, too.”


what drives you? 

“what am i waiting for? i’m cooking it — time to serve it hot!”


something you learned“on the job”?

“make your subject(s) comfortable in who they are and what they bring, and they'll give you your best shot.”


your fall plans, summed up in three words?

“get out there! also: find your yellow brick road. (five words!)”


the takeaway from the past year that you will keep with you? 

“time moves, whether we are masked or vaxxed. get to those you love and to the things you like to do — with intent, enthusiasm and gratitude.”


2021 is flying by. what’s the single best thing you’ve bought so far?

“probably my Peets, every single day.”


“Let's Talk about Hard Things, by Anna Sale.”


“got back into therapy. the gift you give yourself.”


“my son, as he was listening to me.”


“tried my hand at deep fried Oreos.”


“a line of imagery with sassy, inspiring and provocative text in a singular, sensational postcard.”


clothing on current rotation?

“an urban coat, ices any look. the mainstay shirt. the orion II legging. i adore fashion.”


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random things you can’t live without?

“Peets tea. lipstick. and performing on stage. am desperate for an audition — pre-pandemic i did two shows a year in musical theatre.”


all-around life hack you swear by? 

“caffeine no later than 9 and again before 4.”


not-so guilty pleasure?

“‘70s music, and Law and Order SVU.”



“print it! (i consider myself old school — i keep a paper calendar and print every image i can justify.)”