katie cason

data scientist, designer, dancer

New York, NY


“invest in friendships and furniture”

the transition from student to professional is rarely simple — especially, one would think, during a pandemic — but you wouldn’t know it to look at Katie Cason. the recent Berkeley grad upped and moved across the country to NYC to live the life she studied so hard for all these years, one that’s immersed with the kind of energy, creativity and inspiration crucial to the work she does — and the person she is (and wants to be). here’s how she does it.


where do you live?

“i live in the West Village in New York City, in a three-bedroom with two of my best girlfriends, Eliza and Ava Jean. i met Eliza in college and Ava Jean through a mutual friend from home (Huntington Beach). i moved to NYC in January of this year, even though i work remotely — it’s my favorite city in the world! i love the energy, food, fashion, nightlife and dance studios.”


what do you do — professionally, personally, passionately? 

“i’m a data scientist at Nike, and i also run a small fashion label of corsets and pants called Cason the Label. sometimes i sell the pieces that i make, but it’s mainly an outlet to be creative! i was on the dance team in college, so i love taking classes at Broadway Dance Center. other than that, i love to work out and eat good food (especially pizza).”


a data scientist!? tell us more.

“a data scientist uses data and information to create insights with machine learning, statistics, and other modeling methods. a data scientist can also use old data to predict how data will behave in the future. i enjoy my job because it combines working with mathematics and being creative, and i use intuition to decide the best course of action to create these profiles. it’s fun to work with data that’s interesting and about athletes, fashion AND wellness!”


what path led you here?

“i grew up in Huntington Beach, California in a family of four. my mom has a boutique which led me to develop a love for design. after high school, i moved to Berkeley to attend UC Berkeley, where I studied cognitive science with a minor in data science. while in undergrad, i took a six month hiatus to study fashion design at Parsons in Paris, briefly pursuing my passion for fashion. following graduation in spring 2020, i decided to get my masters in data science from Berkeley and enrolled in a one year program. while in school, i started sewing some pieces, and Cason the Label became my passion project. i then started working and shortly after moved to New York!”


what inspires and drives you?

“i thrive off of being really busy and productive. while this is definitely not always the case, i do find myself happiest when i have a lot going on — whether that be work, creative projects or plans with my friends.”


you are a recent-ish grad - something you’ve learned or realized in “the real world” that we might find interesting?

“invest in friendships and furniture. keep your room clean — clean room = clear mind! and probably the biggest revelation = the real world is expensive!”


what do you think is different about entering the workforce (so to speak) in this era than in the past?

“you can work from anywhere! i recently was in Mexico and Costa Rica, and was able to work poolside.”


we are living in crazy times. how has the pandemic changed the course of your life over the past few years?

“the pandemic was definitely a major reason i decided to stay in school and get my masters — which meant one more year in Berkeley. i am happy that my course was changed, because i love my job and i wouldn’t have been hired if i hadn’t stayed an additional year!”


piece of époque on current rotation, and why?

“i love the ace shirt — there are so many cute ways to style it. and it’s lightweight, which is great for summer!”


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most important piece of clothing recent grads should own (and why)?

“cute but comfy pants like the jet set trouser, ones that you can wear out OR around the house.”


favorite way to sweat?

“going for a run, Barry’s Bootcamp or dance class!”


not-so guilty pleasure? 

“sneakers — i loveeee to have cool sneaks to wear out for any occasion.”