kara marie


Austin, TX


“every woman craves to feel seen. it’s rare for us to be on the receiving end the attention, but when we are — we light up.”

Kara Marie Trombetta has a way with pictures — she is a photographer, after all. but she also has a way with words. when we asked her if she had anything she wanted add to our Q&A, she casually replied: “Black lives matter. love is love. all bodies are art. be the change. spread the sunshine. drink more water. knowledge is power. love thy neighbor. expand your horizons. evolve constantly. work hard. work isn’t everything. respect Mother Nature. change the world. wear a mask. wash your hands. don’t be a dick.” nailed it, right?

here’s what else she had to say.


what’s life like right now for you?   

“to sum it up in one word: EVOLVING. between the pandemic, the global hardships as a result of the pandemic, the social justice movement, and all of the horrendous acts of racial injustice that have been exposed to many of us in a way that cannot be ignored, we have no choice but to learn, to advocate, to support, to speak up, and to be better humans. myself included. for the last four months (oh.my.lawd.has.it.really.been.that.long!?!), taking what feels like one hit after another, i’ve found myself learning more than i ever have, purging more toxic behaviors and habits than ever, feeling my feelings more (what’s the world record for number of sob-sessions in a week? just wondering…), helping others who need a platform or a friend, and making major life changes and moves. i’ve launched a new sister company to my studio that supports local artists while providing visual creative services for small businesses and brands (Kara Marie Collective), i’ve purged an insane amount of personal effects in my home, and my family and i are preparing for our craziest journey yet as a result of this “forced evolution” as i’m calling it. life has been crazy and ever-changing. but my eyes are wide open and i’m embracing this journey as one that needed to happen.”


what’s important to your daily routine?  

“alone time. i’ve always known that i need quiet and moderate periods of isolation in order to maintain a healthy mindset. i’ve been really enjoying the slow mornings while working from home. i set my alarm for 6:30 even though i technically don’t *have* to, i light an incense stick, make my bed, wash my face, and do my daily gratitude practice as i stretch. Iit’s only 20 minutes, but this quiet time starts my day off right. i’ve also really been cherishing mornings with my kids before i start working. unlike during the school year when we’re all rushing out the door before sunrise, now i get to have “weekend mornings” with them during the week. they literally hit the ground running, and i brace myself for their bear hugs. while i’m squeezing them, we always have the same conversation. i ask them three questions that started as something silly but quickly developed into a permanent part of our routine that i think we all look forward to: “how was your sleep?” “how were your dreams?” “what did you dream about?”


how are you staying fit?

“lucky for me, my fitness routine has taken place at home for the last two years, so i didn’t have that obstacle to work around. my fitness routine is based entirely on intuitive movement. i start by stretching a bit and noticing what areas feel tight, what feels like it needs a little extra love, and then i follow up with about thirty minutes of free-flowing body-weight exercises using nothing more than resistance bands and the occasional dumbbell. not to shamelessly plug époque évolution (but totally to do so), but my favorite “keep moving” tip is actually to dress for movement (eh hem- that’s where époque évolution comes in!) at the beginning of the day, so that no matter when you start to notice that you’ve been stagnant for too long, you can jump up and get your blood circulating.”


what are you listening to? reading? watching? 

“if i’m listening to something educational, it’s my Italian language lessons. i’m still a beginner, but i’ve made a lot of progress during quarantine. 

i’ve just started re-reading my favorite book of all time: Women who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. this mammoth book of womanhood is one that i would never have been ready for five years ago, and every time i read it (i’m on my third round), i pick up something new and different that i wasn’t “woke” enough to get the last time through. other new favorites that i’ve read during quarantine are Hippie by Paulo Coelho, Talking to Strangers by Malcom Gladwell and Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”. all of them shook my world in different ways. 

i don’t watch much TV, but a couple of incredibly noteworthy Netflix documentaries that i won’t shut up about are Mucho Mucho Amor: the Legend of Walter Mercado (you guys. please go watch this. you absolutely will not be disappointed and you will feel his light shining all over you as you watch!), 13TH, and the Mind Explained.”


what you are wearing most right now and why? 

“époque évolution makes up about 75% of my capsule wardrobe for good reason. every single piece works so well with my lifestyle regardless of whether I’m working in or out of the home, working out, running errands, or traveling. seriously, I cannot say it enough: this brand was made for me. my current favorites for working from home and staying active are the jet set trouser and the Orion II legging paired with the ONE crop top or the organic cotton mock tank.”


fill in the blank: this summer, you are getting out and _______________.

“making a difference. it’s difficult to do much of anything “out there” with all that’s going on in the world, but one of the silver linings of having my usual schedule being slowed to a halt is time. while always well-intentioned, my day-to-day is usually packed so full that i don’t get the chance to donate my time and services to causes that are important to me. working from home and not seeing clients this summer has allowed me the opportunity to turn my efforts to people, businesses, and movements that need funds and awareness raised. i’ve lined up more philanthropic work this summer than i have in the last 5 years combined. i’ve got to count that as a win, right?”


any random words of advice?

“DE-CLUTTER EVERYTHING. you may not think that a closet purge or a pantry organization has anything to do with your professional life or life outside of the home, but I assure you, de-cluttering belongings frees up your mind. Ii’s science. i’ve got a long way to go but i’ve been a regular Marie Kondo up in my place and it is so freeing. i’m less anxious and more intentional about QUALITY over QUANTITY purchases than ever.”


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