DaVaughn Dillahunty

make-up artist, model & eternal optimist 


Fremont, CA


everyone deserves to see themselves

if beauty truly does come from within, it’s no wonder that DaVaughn Dillahunty is so freaking all-around beautiful. the makeup artist and model (she’s on our site right now!) believes that dedicating energy to being your best self allows you to really show up for others — and the world. and that’s the true beauty secret here: “everyone deserves to see themselves, to know that they too can create the life they envision for themselves.” here’s how she does it.


What do you do — professionally, personally, passionately?

“i am a professional makeup artist (MUA) and freelance model. definitely an artist at heart. i love being on set, meeting and connecting with new people. 

personally and passionately, i truly love health and fitness. it's an amazing release for me and has assisted in building my discipline, confidence, and mental fortitude.”


what path led you here?

“i feel like i’m truly just enjoying the journey of life, but i’d say my tenacity and determination to keep going and the commitment to follow my dreams. 

i’ve always wanted to model since i was a little girl, as i got older i wasn't sure that was a possibility for me. i didn't care or always know how to make it happen, but i knew i would. there's so much beauty in the process and enjoying the journey — while putting in the work, of course. i’ve been doing that and now here i am.”


what inspires and drives you? 

“my family, my younger self, and my future self. i want to make her proud and my family proud. i want everyone around the world to know that they can have whatever they want in this lifetime. i’m still learning that myself. i do this for the underdog, the underrepresented. everyone deserves to see themselves, and i’m willing to work so that those coming next know that they too can create the life they envision for themselves.”


Something you’ve learned or realized “on the job(s!)” that we might find interesting? 

“in my day job, i work as a receptionist, and, in the past, i’ve worked in retail. i realized a lot of people just truly want someone to listen to them and deliver their needs. it's not super interesting, it's simple. life moves so fast that when you actually take the time to listen you can learn so much about a person.”


we are living in crazy times. what is life like right now for you? 

“i’m at a point in my life where everything is changing. i’m in transition in all aspects of life. i’m nervous but super excited for new beginnings. i try to keep some kind of constant with fitness to keep me grounded.”


your fall plans, summed up in three words? 

planting, grinding, growing


the takeaway from the past year that you will keep with you? 

“love yourself — i have that tattooed on my wrist — and always put yourself first, a lesson I'm still learning and believe is a journey. but you have to be the best to yourself so you can show up as your best self for everyone else.”



“since i was little, my dad told me the following mantra: 

i’m a winner

i’m a champion 

i can do anything

there's nothing i cannot do, 

there's nothing i cannot accomplish, 

winning comes easy to me,

i LOVEEEEEEE helping people.

i always turn to this when in doubt.”


piece of époque on current rotation?

“the orion legging II, and the one crop top.”


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three random items you can’t live without?

“my phone, wipes, lip gloss.”


All-around life hack you swear by? 

“self care. it's very on brand for me. when i take the time to nourish myself, my soul with nutritious foods and killer workouts, i truly live a better life. catch me in my gloves or doing a HIIT workout. i always say that everything that goes in my body is top tier!”


not-so guilty pleasure? 

“ice cream. it's the best dessert ever.”


what else do you want to say?  

“i would love to leave you all with you are never too young, old or whatever the limitation may be to follow your dreams. be fly (first love yourself) and flourish.”