bree melanson

intuitive channel | @bree.melanson

Big Sur, California


“it’s so important for us to feel — especially right now.”

for Bree Melanson believes the power to heal comes from within. (specifically: from your own intuition.) Bree also believes that self-healing is best explored in nature. and she would know: not only does she help people explore their inner workings for a living, but she happens to do it from the beautiful wilds of Big Sure. “what drives me is what i think drives us all on some level: the desire to expand and experience love, truth and life more deeply,” she says. here, how — and why — she does it.


where do you live? 

“i just moved to Big Sur, California. i live alone on a canyon overlooking the ocean about an hour outside of town, but being this deep in nature, i never really feel alone. (i’ve also learned to really enjoy solitude.)


i grew up in the area and left on a whim when i was about 19 for Southern California. a few years ago, i moved back after feeling complete with my time in LA and ready for change. it was a temporary solution but i ended up really loving it. i didn’t realize how much i was craving nature and a slower pace. nature holds us in so many ways and i think with my type of work it just makes the most sense. life has a way of showing you what you need, and not what you think you want.”



“professionally, i’m an intuitive channel. i facilitate classes that help people access their innate intuition and ability to self-heal. with the right tools and guidance you learn that “miraculous” healing isn’t that miraculous and being “psychic” is actually the most inherent part of ourselves — intuition is just the inner knowing we all have to some degree. i like the analogy of it being a muscle or skill we generally aren’t taught how to use. i like breaking down the divide that often comes with spirituality and making it accessible, grounded and even playful.


personally, i have an amazing group of souls in my life i’m so thankful for. this new home and life chapter is supporting me in ways i didn’t realize i needed — mostly providing an environment for me to deepen and root into my higher self and service.”


i think growth would be my biggest passion. that, of course, takes many forms but the thing that lights me up the most is reminding people who they really are and the true power we all hold. i had some bigger challenges (or what i like to view as ego-deaths) this past year that really opened me up to a greater love. i cry love-tears literally every time i teach — as embarrassing as it is, i don’t hold back. it’s so important for us to feel — especially right now."


what path led you here? 

“i think we all have innate propensities towards things that you could call your purpose, but ultimately i believe our purpose is to become our most transparent selves.


as a kid i was really into crystals, the ethereal world and the unknown or mystical. i ended up taking a more conventional path and going to college to study International Business (only to leave my last semester to pursue dance) and eventually reopening to the curiosities that had been there all along. it’s been a slow evolution but all in perfect order. i needed to explore and learn from what we would usually call the “wrong path”. we’re eternally evolving! what drives me is what i think drives us all on some level; the desire to expand and experience love, truth and life more deeply.”


something you’ve realized “on the job”?

 “that everyone knows their greatest potential –—they often just don’t believe they can (or that they’re allowed to) express it. but it’s why we’re here — to express fully. we get stuck in our stories and the collective conditioning and we don’t realize by healing our past and the outdated perceptions we really can create the expression we dream of.”


we are living in crazy — but important, for so many reasons — times. what is life like right now for you?

“i’ve moved through a lot of stages of growth this year — none of them easy, but there’s been a massive deepening and transparency that’s occurred within myself, my relationships, my work and my overall perspective of life. i’m trying to use the collective contrast as motivation to be more of service, activate my highest expression and heal my own fears and projections that keep me stuck.”


what’s giving you peace of mind right now?

“that through contrast we expand — and that love prevails.


only through hardship are we able to touch a deeper essence of love and truth. our healing is inevitable — it’s the only place we end up, no matter how long it takes us.


“How did the awakened get to the other side?” “Through the pain.””



“my mom lives in Canada and i’m hoping she can come to California for Christmas. my Dad lives locally and i have some family friends who’ll be here with their kids (who i’m obsessed with) — so it will be a sweet time to gather.”


what are you reading? 

“i just finished reading a book called “Big Sur Women”. It tells stories of nineteen women who came to Big Sur craving solitude, nature, adventure or who were born into the homestead families here. it was a super sweet read. i have a couple on deck right now: one on the Central Californian Native Americans and another called, “The Secret Life of Trees.”


what are you wearing everyday?  

“i’ve always really loved clothes. the past few years i’ve been a lot more conscious about buying less — like if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no — and, when i do make purchases, i try to buy classic, quality, ethically made pieces.


i had to train myself by asking, “Would i wear this in ten years? would i have worn it ten years ago?” and thinking about not only where the fabric was made and how, but the effect of it on the environment — in the wash, when i’m done, etc. it helps that i found a major thrift store here and the rest i try to get from brands like époque evolution!


i’ve been loving the edit shirt (speaking of classic), and that you can dress it up or down. and i can’t wait to LIVE in my essential wool cardigan this winter.”


all-around life hack you swear by? 

“write down all the things that connect you to your body / presence / your soul / oneness / peace. then gently consider how much time you spend doing those things. this list can really a foundation for everything — your health, creativity, inner peace, intuition.


i have a go-to top three: moving my body / breaking a sweat, meditating, and getting in nature — to whatever degree i can. if i’m feeling crappy, i know i haven’t been doing those things enough. it’s helpful to know other things that will create relief when i’m in a funk and also where curiosity (or your purpose) is trying to express.”


not-so guilty pleasure?

“potato chips. i always have them in my cabinet. i love the potato. lol.”



“this too, is here for my expansion.”



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