who made your clothes?

a peek behind the scenes at WAT, our beloved factory in Porto, Portugal

Photo from EpoqueEvolution.com

Truth: very few of us consider the origins of the garments we wear every day.

...to think about the extremely involved process it takes to make that t-shirt you are wearing as you read this. and we get it! it’s easy not to think about it, given how convenient and cheap and easy it is to shop, and how busy our lives are.

that said, this whole not-thinking-about-where-our-clothes-come-from thing is something we are hoping to change. and not just because it is important for the environment (ie. clean water, less waste, energy efficiency) and labor standards (i.e. fair pay, suitable working conditions, equal opportunity employment), but also because the folks who craft époque évolution are some of the most dedicated and passionate in the biz.

take the lovely folks at WAT. a sustainable, state-of-the-art factory located just outside of Porto, Portugal, WAT specializes in the kind of technical details that make époque évolution so freakin’ versatile: they work with our quick-dry and wrinkle-resistant knit fabrics, using bonded construction for smooth lines and comfort. it's the 44 employees at WAT who craft many of our key pieces — like the flux top, the orion legging, the evolve dress, to name a few — and it's the 44 employees at WAT who own the full production process from start to finish. (the “full production process”, in case you are wondering, is as follows: design development, fabric sourcing, pattern making, fabric control, cutting, workmanship, quality control, packaging, and shipment. whew, right?) 

as one might assume, partnering with a factory requires a lot of mutual trust. this is why that dedication and passion of the employees is crucial, and this is why our appreciation for said employees is boundless. lucky for us, as co-owner Carla Carvalho so aptly put it, “all people involved here at WAT are special.”  


we concur.


“Diana is our account manager. she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. kind, fun, and full of integrity, we could not ask for a better partner.” 

Hannah, époque évolution co-founder

meet ludres

MEET Graca, seamstress

“my first job was an assistant in the production line. seeing the seamstress working fascinated me and i wanted more! i learned, i failed, i made mistakes, but all those steps helped me grow.” 


MEET Fatima, product developer



“i really like to develop and build up a garment. to learn new and different styles. to develop trends.” 


MEET Lurdes, seamstress


“thirty years ago, the job opportunities were in the textile business. i started to work at 14 years old to support my parents. i have six brothers, so…” 



HERE'S the CREW that makeS it ALL happen