Photo from EpoqueEvolution.com

so this happened.


we created époque évolution so we could spend more time living life, and less time shopping or packing for it. seriously. it's not just an elevator pitch.

take, for instance, a recent shopping soirée we hosted at the lovely home of a really good friend. (hi, melissa!) the scene: a warm Corte Madera breeze. amazing wine, even better conversation. a perfectly placed swimming pool. and two époque évolution-clad ladies giddy from that wine and good vibes who decide the best way to make a splash is to just jump right in. (the pool, that is.) (fully clothed.)

but don’t worry: the flux top and the orion legging are both quick-dry. this is what époque évolution was made for. talk about living life. 


NOW, ABout That flux top.


let's quickly discuss, because it really is so damn good: it’s the perfect layering piece.  it’s machine washable, it’s quick to dry and it wicks away sweat. it's designed with a full shelf bra for support and bonded construction for comfort. it’s made for looking sharp, sweating, and, yep, swimming.


why we made it:

we were tired of packing a bra, a top and a bikini. so we made one that does it all.


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