a year in review: a look back at 2018

five crazy moments 

from 2018


a (BIG) year in review




we’re pretty sure this phrase is meant to speak to parenthood, and if it is: great. because époque évolution is our baby. it is our passion, the result of years of hard work and ideation and a real desire to make a difference and trips to Portugal and rounds of funding and occasional tears — and we couldn’t be more proud of our baby, because 2018 was a year for the books. here, five strangely vivid moments that stand out to us as we look back over the past twelve months.


january 17, 9:45am

the moment we gOt our first web order


“it was launch day. we were heard this amazing ‘cha ching!!!’ — the sound that Shopify makes when an order comes in — and, let me tell you, did we dance! for real. (and we still do with each one!)” - hannah


march 3, 6:45pm 

the night we remembered why we started the company


“i was in Porto, Portugal, visiting our factories. one night i looked down an alley and saw someone playing a tambourine, someone else playing an accordion, and a whole bunch of people just dancing. it reminded me how much i love travel, and i felt this rush of ‘THIS IS WHY WE ARE DOING WHAT WE ARE DOING: so other people can feel more free to go find magic moments like this.’” - hannah


september 1, 12pm 

the day we moved into our first office!


“it felt like we were committing in a new way! if getting funding to start our business felt like we’d been asked out by our dream date, getting an office felt like your partner asking you to move in, giving you a key and cleaning out space in the closet for your shoe collection. it’s real, babe, it's real. we literally danced around the space, it seemed so huge; six months later, we are running out of room!”


october 28, 2:47pm

the afternoon we got the sign we needed.


“we were driving through San Rafael after an event. and saw a sign that said “DREAM BIG.” we had to pull over and take a photo. after going through the ups and downs, wondering if it all would work, we were reminded us that it is SO IMPORTANT TO DREAM BIG. even if failure is an option.”


november 30, 11am 

the FIRST time we sold out of a piece!


“ah, the jet set trouser — a pant we designed to be a true go-to black pant, one you could wear to work and to work out. we’d been teasing the trouser in a digital campaign for a month before launch, and as soon as it went live, we had some of our best sales days before we eventually sold out of the trouser completely."


what a year. and you know what made each of these moments — and the many others not listed here — so worth it? the incredible women we’ve met along the way. you’ve inspired us, you’ve supported us, you’ve enlightened us — and for that we couldn’t be more grateful, or excited for the next twelve months to come. 

here’s to experiences! 

hannah & nancy xx


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Stacy King
Stacy King

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Congratulation to you both ! LOVE THIS story.
So much hard work .. I am a HUGE FAN .. LOVE all my piece from Epoque Evolution.
ALL of my support to you!
Look forward to what is next – Stacy King


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These were great! I’ve loved following the EE journey…often while wearing my Orion Leggings :)


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so so proud of you guys & beyond grateful for your line! here I am in Thailand wearing my flux top as I type!! Xoxoxoxox

kate gallagher dunning
kate gallagher dunning

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What a story, ladies! You make me so proud of where I spent (and plan to spend AGAIN) my hard earned dollars!!! KEEP MAKING US PROUD!

Jenny Knox
Jenny Knox

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Congratulations Nancy & Hannah on all you have accomplished!
What year for women, right?
I love my dresses and look forward to looking beautiful in them all over the world.
Happy New Year to you both!
Love, Jen

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